Smart JS Charts v1.0

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What is SmartChartsNXT ? Built on top of JavaScript and JSON which unleash the power of SVG to creates Smart, Interactive, Responsive, High Performance Charts. SmartChartsNXT support all the basic type of Charts like Pie Chart, Pie Chart 3d, Area Chart, Line Chart and more...


Explore Yourself
Now you can explore our full functional charts yourself, with many of these in-built feature ready to use. SmartChartsNXT give you complete flexibility to customize theme settings, background color, plot colors, fonts etc. and these charts are completely standalone and independents of other's Libraries.
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Free for commercial & non-commercial Yes, SmartChartsNXT is completely Free to use in any Personal websites, Academic Organizations or any other Non-profit Organizations. You have a commercial website and want to use our chart there? WOW, SmartChartsNXT is free to use there also. You don't need our permission to use it. Just go on ! Use SmartChartsNXT in any number of domain. For any numbers of developer.
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Responsive like water SmartChartsNXT are designed in such a way that it can fit any container. Irrespective of the screen size you have to embed it for once. It is smartly adopt itself along with it's elements and controls. Charts can be automatically fits itself with mobiles, tablets, PC's or any other screen size.
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Mold like a Lead SmartChartsNXT gives you the flexibility that can be customized your charts in a great way. You can customize background color, Font color, Border, Tooltip, Width, Height and many more. You can also choose from our predefined Themes to change in look and feel. SmartChartsNXT also gives you the different event callbacks that can be used handy & impose more control over your chart handling capabilities.
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One Touch Export As JPG, PNG, SVG SmartChartsNXT gives you the built-in support for export into popular formats like JPG, PNG, SVG. You can preserve your chart in local drive for future user or use it in other doc. Export feature is also supported for mobile device's. No need write single line of core, this feature is built-in supported for all types of charts.
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Extensive support & API Doc SmartChartsNXT will always value for your Time & Effort. So we have well built API Doc for your reference. And we have a Chart gallery and LIVE view of each type of charts. Where your can Play with some chart LIVE and modify each and every options to test for your use & better understand our charts. You can also explore our charts at GitHub.
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Compatible with PC's & Smart Phones SmartChartsNXT is compatible with all the latest browser's like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Android webview, MAC, iPhone, iPad etc. When you choose SmartChartsNXT it upto our responsibility to make your data alive, what ever the platform you choose. SmartChartsNXT is based on native browser technologies, no plugins or lib needed to power our charts.